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Christophe/Kyle fanart

I'm so excited to finally be contributing something to this community. ^_^ Even if it's sub-par fanart... erm... Enjoy!

Title: Shut up, Kyle...
Pairing: Christophe/Kyle
Warnings: None. The picture shows an intimate-ish embrace. But both characters are fully dressed, and they're not doing anything dirty. It should be worksafe.


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Ficcage, Christophe/Gregory

Title: Work
Author: shutupred
Rating: PG
Characters: Christophe (DeLorne), Gregory of Yardale
Pairings: Christophe/Gregory
Summary: A Gregory never forgets. Gregory reflects on all their time together.
Notes: Right back at ya, tweekersx. Unbeta-ed, cos thats how I roll.

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Good Old-Fashioned Loverboy

Title: Good Old-Fashioned Loverboy
Author: tweekersx
Rating: PG
Characters: Christophe (DeLorne), Gregory of Yardale
Pairings: Christophe/Gregory
Summary: It's their anniversary of their marriage, and Christophe brings the dancefloor to their knees. Gregory surprises all when he plays back, and its that good, old-fashioned love that keeps them bound to each other.

Dedicated to my beloved friend shutupred


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Don't Fuck With Ze French Man.

I agree whole-heartedly about the "needing more ChristopheKyle fics". So, that's why I'm going to write this little stupid fic that's been flitting around in my head because of a dream. Its so tragic, though. D:

Um, hit me up via e-mail for discussion, maybe? xblurryxeyesx@gmail.com



Just so you know...

I just started this community tonight, so if you stumble across it, don't be dismayed by the lack of- well, anything. I'm just finishing up my finals, at school, and when Christmas break starts, I'm gonna attempt writing some stories involving ze Mole. Also, I plan on trying (and let me really emphasize trying) my hand at some fanart. We'll see where it goes. ^_~

In the mean time (for the sake of conversation) what is your favorite, if any, Mole pairing?

I like Christophe/Kyle. I don't know why, but I'm obsessed with that pairing. It's a bitter obsession, though, because trying to find a new story is like trying to find diversity at a republican convention. ((Ooooh. Snap. I went there.))